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HAIJIN is an art CD-ROM published on a commission edition basis.

Though the CD-ROM can be viewed privately on an individual monitor, the production deploys its full potential when viewed as an installation within a public context.

Haijin has been presented to the event Nuits savoureuses, Belfort (France), in December 2000.

HAIJIN - Japanese poetry and ambience

In this virtual space it is up to you to participate or to assist in the creation of haiku, a Japanese poetic form consisting of three phrases that expresses the quintessence of the contemplation of nature.

You may associate each of these phrases to two others in order to create unique poems — the possibilities are almost infinite.

In counterpoint to the frantic rhythm of today's world, this infinite sample asks you to stop in order to go further. Let yourself be cradled by the cherry tree whose every fruit contains the substance of an idea, of a moment among many others, of a chosen sound environment. Discover authentic Japanese haiku poets, the haijin of past centuries.




zéro_degré is made up of three multimedia authors who met during their university studies. With their respective backgrounds in cinema, radio and electronic music, Boris Dionne, Mario Lelièvre et Yuani Fragata are a trio that is interested in exploring the possibilities and limits of interactivity.

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