In the CD-ROM AFTERGLOW (2002) are used images and sounds recorded corresponding to a cloned memory, in the utopic idea of an art that would be a perfect life's clone. Living memory becoming computer’s memory forgetting nothing.

The text functions as a sampling of an imaginary database of our time becoming , treated from a program, infinite, labyrinthine text, like a neuronal network, a clone infinitely recycled never stopping, like encephalogram, like life, except biological or mechanical accident, what autorizes the computer, coding indefinitely texts, sounds, motionless or animated images, in constant change or Cyber Flesh.




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Jacques Donguy is the author of Une Génération 1960-1985 - Poésie concrète Poésie sonore Poésie visuelle (éd. Henri Veyrier, 1985), Aluminium Nights écriture automate computeur et autres (Le Castor Astral, 1987), Poésure et Peintrie, (MAC, Marseille, 1993), Tag-Surfusion (Éditions de l'Évidence, 1996). He recently commissionned the exposition Terminal Zone — Poésie et nouvelles technologies in France in October 2002. He works on the computer since 1983 in collaboration with Guillaume Loizillon.

Jacques Donguy


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