UNCOMPRESSED is an interactive film that allows viewers to choose the path that they will follow. The storyline of the film was written with the intention that the material would be interactive.

Six character's tales are told from their own perspectives. The interface allows the audience to view the tale from any of these viewpoints and to switch between them at interaction points.



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English version
Macintosh™ and Windows™

Individuals: 65 $ CAN
Institutions: 125 $ CAN


Creator and Project Director : Margi Szperling
• Live action Director: Solomon Trager
• Producer: Daniel Sormani
• Executive Producer: Craig Ashby, Margi Szperling
• Director of Photography: Andrew Takeuchi
• Director of Photography, 2nd unit: Florian Stadler
• Editor: Kevin Greutert
• Writer: Cory Hillman
• Screenplay: Cory Hillman, Margi Szperling, Solomon Trager
• Line Producer: Erica Schillinger
• Cast: Spence Decker, Allison M. Ehly, Trish Elliott, David Kupchinsky, Bob Pierce, Ada Tai, Arlene Tai.
• Director of Visual Effects: Craig Ashby
• Music: Daniel Hamuy

s u b s t a n z :

Original English Version
Macintosh™ and Windows™

Project made possible through the support of:
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena – Digital Media Department and Film Media Department –, the Fletcher Jones Grant.

The storyline creates the desire to continue exploring the material. Each character has the ability to portray their unique form of communication with their environment, these viewpoints will even be interchangeable within the storylines, allowing the viewers to change perspective in mid-storyline.

UNCOMPRESSED is a compromise between the content of a film and the interaction of the gaming environment; it is a hybrid that complements both of its predecessors and looks towards new forms of media.


UNCOMPRESSED has been nominated for about 50 international awards, including Milia 2001 (Cannes, France) and ISEA 2000 (Paris, France), and received:

2000 emma international award, United Kingdom New Talent Pavilion

2001 Silver, ID Magazine

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