© Tamara Laï, 1999 (Belgique)


Script and Direction : Tamara Laï
Texts, images et animations : Tamara Laï
Music: Serge Winandy, Jean Furst
Voice : Jean Furst
Programming: Tamara Laï, Frédéric Durieu

Productions Thalamus and Magic Media (Brusells)
Production manager : Tamara Laï, Yves Bernard


French/English versions
Macintosh™ and Windows™

Distribution : Heure Exquise !


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Macintosh™ and Windows™

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It's in the company of the Angel Gabriel, main character of this adventure where there is neither beginning nor end that we make the journey through mythical universes.

But what is Gabriel looking for in in this labirynth ? Precisely to meet Satan and bring about his ocnversion ! On the way, we will encounter: Lilith and Eve disputing the title of the first woman; Lili the hysterical announcer; Adam suffering for his terrestrial paradise; a seductive nymph; a hunting satyr; an old madman; a young philosopher; not forgetting moon and sun, frogs, snakes, hydras, unicorns, witches ... and finally Satan in person!

Half entertainement, half teaching about hte inner meaning of certain symbols, this journey is an invitation to the world of the child who still dreams in us, a simulation of the imaginary through ideas whose roots dive into the troubled water of the psyche.



Video director since 1985 to 1994 (ARCANAL Award, Paris 1992), Tamara Laï turns in 1993 to digital technics and the writing of news, tales and poetry, illustrated (CD-ROMS).

Her researches centre on Web art (sites, performances cat and cam, videoconference), and quite particularly the creation of collective spaces in network: since 1997, 10 sites realized with the cooperation of more than 150 international artists.

Her works were a part of official selections of festivals and international events in Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Canada, Hong-Kong. New York.


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