© Annenburg Center for Communication, University of South California, 2002 (United States)


Directeur: A. Strid
Programmation et complicité techinque : F-J Dujeu
Voix : A. Strid, Julien Blaine, Pierre Lequellec-Wolff
Sources bibliographiques Elisée Reclus : Liber-terre et Didier Giraud

Partenaires :
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Changer le cour
FICTION- Art interractif


You can see on the screen of natural phenomena related to running water over the seasons, while voice and text take us to our own individual or collective floods in true stories, slices of life, or explorations of perception. In this video, poetry, reading is interactive, we can explore without end, without departing from the movie ...

Notice to the reader / viewer

This one-hour interactive video is made for everyone in this story could go on board his TV and his Zapeta orders at their own pace, according to his desire to explore. It's very different when we take time to get yourself in a universe that is as intimate as a book and as always in poetry, the reader invents each time reading. Except that is not a book but a video where you can move. There are several codes of reading to know, just like a book is handled chapters, table of contents or footnotes page, in this video you will use the navigation icons, screens and switches hyperlinks.

This DVD contains:

* An interactive movie of poetry - duration 1 hour
* A film of poetry - duration 25 minutes
* A documentary - duration 9 minutes around the thought of Elisha Reclus - anarchist geographer death in 1905 - thinker of social ecology and precursor of geopolitics.
* The text with entries in the film, possible from the text
* Internet access on the site http://www.changerlecours.artcilab.org

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