© Les produits logiques LopLop inc., 2001


• Concept : Alain Bergeron

• Research, images and text : Monique Brunet-Weinmann

• Sound track :
Philippe Bézy, Martin Peach

• Original software: Alain Bergeron, LopLop

Les produits logiques LopLop inc, 2001
French / English — Macintosh™ / Windows™
ISBN- 2-922894-00-2


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Macintosh™ and Windows™

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Monique Brunet-Weinman

The author, Monique Brunet-Weinmann, is an art critic and historian, author of the trilingual book Medium: Photocopy (1987).

Besides her researches into Impressionism and the ouevre of the painter Jean-Paul Riopelle, at the end of the 1970s she became interested in copigraphy. Since then she has maintained close contacts with copy artists in several countries, as well as with students of the implications of copy-culture and the artistic potential of new technologies.

In this CDROM she offers us the fruits of her research, a vast collection of historic visual and textual documents.



COPIGRAPHY - Elements for a global history

This multimedia documentary CD-ROM traces the global history of the photocopy artform since the invention of the medium at the end of the 1940's until now. Copigraphy contains 1298 visual documents from 85 artistes of 18 countries and 801 text documents : historical facts, artist's statements, reviews and critiques, etc.

A considerable quantity of visual documents and texts, as well as many symposia were dedicated to copy art. Published on CDROM, Copigraphy, Elements for a global history, traces and enlarges on the work of documentation undertaken by several artists and is intended as a contribution to the history of the artform.

For the first time, 1298 works and visual documents from artists from about twenty countries, as well as 801 texts, are united and offered on CDROM to professionals and amateurs of copy art and its history. Most are previously unpublished or hard to find elsewhere. They deal with the history of the medium and its works, the path followed by each artist, critical reflections and the founding events of copy art.

The consultation of these archives is supported by original software developed at LopLop.


Alain Bergeron, Produits logiques Loplop

LopLop was founded in the 1980s by Alain Bergeron.

In 1985, he published the first electronic books (precursors of multimedia) in diskette format. He was bestowed the Prix de la Pomme d'Or (Apple France, Paris) for the best francophone graphic software. In 1986, he was a founding member of .(The Société for Conservation of the Present), a group of individuals working for the symbiosis of art, technology, and archives. In 1987, he acted as instigator and producer of the Réseau Sélavy (That'sLife Network), a digital network linking the Philadelphia Museum of Art with several art galleries in North America: Québec, Montréal, London, Toronto, Baltimore and Mexico. This network was the focus of activities surrounding the centenary festivities commemorating the Franco-American artist Marcel Duchamp. In 1990, he administered Le Musée Standard of.(The Société for Conservation of the Présent), possibly the world's first virtual museum. On its closure in 1994, it contained nearly 1000 digital works in NAPLPS(Alex) format.

In 1995, LopLop was incorporated and became Les produits logiques LopLop Inc., specializing in creating and programming dedicated software.

LopLop has participated in the production of educational interactive kiosks used in several public institutions, such as the Science Museum at the Europarque in Porto, Portugal, in Montreal the Botanical Gardens, the Biosphere, the Biodome, the ISCI Centre (interactive science museum), the Maurice Richard Museum; the Macao Museum in Portugal, the Mount Independence Historic Site (Orwell, Vermont, USA), and Boston's Immigration Museum.

LopLop has also created software permitting the production of a generative photo-novel on CDROM, and the web site of the Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels and the Société de droits d'auteur en arts visuels (RAAV/Sodart).

Copigraphy, Elements for a global history, is the first multimedia documentary CDROM to be published by LopLop.