© Linda Dement, 1995 (Australia)


Author : Linda Dement

Thanks to :
Women who donated flesh at the Adelaide Festival of the Arts : Jasmine Hirst, Judy Trim, Michele Barker, Josephine Grieve, Jonathon Delacour, Francesca Da Rimini, John Colette

Linda Dement, 1995

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Born 1958
Master of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, 1993
Bachelor of Arts, City Art Institute, 1988
An exhibiting artist since 1984 with a background in fine art photography, writing, animation and film, she now works with computer imaging and interactivity. She is author of three CD ROM titles; Typhoid Mary, Cyberflesh Girlmonster, and In My Gash. She lectures in Fine Arts in Sydney and was the recipient of an Australia Council New Media Arts Fellowship in 2000.



A black comedy of monstrous femininity. Ridiculous animated flesh creatures lead on to stories of aberration and videos of blissful revenge.

Donated body parts collected during Artists' Week of the Adelaide Festival '94 have been used to construct a computer based interactive work. About 30 women participated in the original event by scanning their chosen flesh, some also digitally recording a sentence or sound.
Conglomerate bodies were created from the scans. These have been animated and made interactive. When a viewer clicks on one of these monsters, the words attached to that body part could be heard or seen, another monster may appear, a digital video could play, a story or medical information about the physical state described by the story, may be displayed. The user moves relatively blindly between these. There is no menu system or clear controllable interface.
The work is a macabre, comic representation of monstrous femininity from a feminist perspective that encompasses revenge, desire and violence.This project was assisted by the Art Research & Development Fund of the Australian Network for Art and Technology
and was produced in association with the Australian Film Commission

Cyberflesh Girlmonster was awarded Best CD ROM, 9. Stuttgarter Filmwinter festival in 1996 and has been exhibited in electronic arts festivals around the world including:
Contact Zones, CD ROM exhibition, Cornell University, New York 1999
Une Ecologie pour des Medias, Corps et Machines dans L'Ère Cybernetique, Cinema des Cineastes, Paris, 1998
Fotofeis, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen, Scotland, 1997
European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Denmark, 1997
Techné, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1997
Sine Base, Kino Eye2, Film festival, Museum Photography, Antwerp, 1996
Word Up Digital Arts Festival, Vienna, 1996
World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, the Netherlands, 1996
Exit, Creteil, Paris, Observatoire De L’Image, 1996
Pandemonium Festival of Moving Images, Institute Contemporary Art, London, 1996
Electra, New Media Exhibition, Henie Onstad Art Centre, Norway, 1996

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