© Linda Dement, 1999 (Australia)


Script and Direction
: Linda Dement
Production Director: Jane Castle
Art Director : Jasmine Hirst
Sound : Linda Murdoch

Linda Dement, 1999

Original English Version for Macintosh™


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born 1958
Master of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, 1993
Bachelor of Arts, City Art Institute, 1988

An exhibiting artist since 1984 with a background in fine art photography, writing, animation and film, she now works with computer imaging and interactivity. She is author of three CD ROM titles; Typhoid Mary, Cyberflesh Girlmonster, and In My Gash. She lectures in Fine Arts in Sydney and was the recipient of an Australia Council New Media Arts Fellowship in 2000.




Exploring the insides of a disturbed and disturbing girl raises memories to be played out on the surfaces of her organs. The sounds of suicide cycle endlessly in the black hole of despair that is found at her centre.

She had a bad childhood. For a while they thought her mad. She got sent to jail for nothing. Much. It only made her worse. She turned to drugs and murdered men. Fell again into the black hole of despair. This is the story of Lying Ugly Mess Bitch. These are the insides of Lying Ugly Mess Bitch.

'In My Gash' takes you into the flesh of a depressed and dangerous girl, drug fucked and damaged. Four wounds are entrances to the nightmare interior where the stories and horrors of bodily memories emerge under the cursor on screen. Each gash leads to the black hole of despair where soundloops and suicide circle endlessly.

'In My Gash' was produced in association with the Australian Film Commission and in conjunction with a residency in the Digital Media Department of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

'In My Gash' has been exhibited in electronic arts events around the world, including:
Microwave Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong 2001
Double Life, Generali Foundation, Vienna 2001
Hybrid Life Forms, Netherlands Institute for Media Art, Amsterdam
Cybercultures, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney 2000
Queer Trangressions, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane 2000
Surface Tension, St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne 2000
SONAR festival, Barcelona 2000
Inside/Out, IMPAKT festival, Utrecht, Netherlands 2000

CD ROM designed for Macintosh with (minimum) 14 inch monitor, 24 bit colour, 16 bit 44kHz sound and approx 12 megabytes of available RAM.

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