© Avatar / Ohm Editions, 2004 (Canada)


Director :
John Oswald
Photography :
John Oswald
Scout :
Julie Galibois
Graphist :
John Oswald and Émile Morin
Video edition :
David Michaud

Instigator :
Émile Morin
Coordinators :
Claudine Moquin et Marie-FranceThérien
Producer :
Avatar 2003

OHM éditions, Avatar, 2004


Original english version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™


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Torontonian John Oswald is above all an audio creator. His works have been broadcast internationally on the radio, the stage, in concerts, on television, in the cinema and in the computer and video media. Among others he composed the score of the scenic version of the silent movie classic Métropolis and the sound track for Hustler White. Since the destruction of Plunderphonic, his most famous recording, John Oswald has published under various labels. The first disc he produced, Grayfolded, was proclaimed number one in international productions by the Toronto Sun. Furthermore as a saxophonist, John Oswald is a member of the Free Jazz CCMC group since 1976, accompanied, among others, by Paul Dutton on voice and Micheal Snow on piano
John Oswald was awarded the prestigious Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2004



This DVD proposes a cinematographic approach combining the contemplative gaze we traditionnally fix upon a painting or a photographic still, with the dynamic responsive way we view movies. This ghostly gathering of mutable figures is the first feature-lenght picture by John Oswald, the infamous perpetrator of Plunderphonics. Includes a bonus multilingual soundtrack CD.

L'Arc d'apparition is an audio-visual installation made up of several monitors where images of a DVD of the same name are broadcast. Concomitant yet desynchonized, the sequences present a group of faces and full-length portraits in constant mutation. In this first feature film, John Oswald associated the contemplative aspect traditionally seen in painting and photographs to the dynamic reaction to the works on the screen. L'arc d'apparition offers an innovative form of cinema that the artist calls chronophotic.

The DVD was produced in 2003 during John Oswald's residence at Avatar, an artist center dedicated to research and creation in audio and electronic arts. Published by Ohm éditions, it was launched on the installation's opening night, in the presence of the artist.




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