© Susan Schuppli / Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2002 (Canada)


Creation : Susan Schluppli

Technical assistants : Dana Dansereau, Tess Takahashi

Photography : Don Gill, Frank Welder

Video actress : Adriana Kulper

Voice over : Patrick mahon

Susan Schuppli
/ Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2002

Original English Version for Macintosh™ and Windows™
ISBN 1-894699-16-5


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Susan Schuppli
Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2002 (Canada)


Phony is an interactive CD-ROM which explores the history and culture of the telephone in order to reflect on contemporary communications technologies. Based on a multisite public art exhibition by the author, Phony explores an ensemble of typical telephone situations on a dramatic mode.

Phony was a multi-sited public art project installed in venues throughout downtown Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada). It borrowed the metaphor of the “web” for its spatial organization by moving viewers through a series of physically distinct but electronically linked spaces. The project dealt with communication technologies by looking at the culture and history of the telephone. Using a familiar, but now old technology, the rotary dial telephone, Phony tried to ask questions about what is new and different about new technologies and what the value of that difference might be.



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