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Actors :
Laura Drasbæk, Rasmus Botoft, Johan Widerberg, Kaya Brüel, Lærke Winther Andersen, Tonny Landy, Henrik Prip, Nicole Wolf, Lasse Jørgensen

Director : Morten Schjødt
Manuscript : Morten Schjødt, Rasmus Arrildt
Composer : Antonio Tublén
Photographer : Rasmus Arrildt, Dff
Producer : Filip Von Spreckelsen
Editor : Bettina Tvede Hansen
Sound Design : Jens Bønding
Sound Mastering : Henry Michaelsen
Dvd Mastering : Mattias Bodlund
Art Director : Morten Westermann
Production Company : Oncotype

Original english version for Macintosh™ and Windows™


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Switching is produced by Oncotype. Financed by and in cooperation with the Danish Film Institute, with the support of the Development Fund of the Ministry of Culture, the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the DFI Film Workshop. Distribution : SF FILM A/S


FICTION- Art interractif

Switching is a different type of film that paves the way for new storytelling methods. Switching was specially developed for DVD video. The fascination with interactive expression basically originates in its potential to depict a more fragmented form of reality. The user of this film enters a narrative labyrinth simultaneously unfolding and disrupting the story. A film is now something you can change by touching it. Film has become "pliable".

There are three element that explain why Switching departs form the linear form. The first is that the film can be changed at any time. Consequently, the user can jump back and forth in time and location. The second is the fact that interface and content are not divided; in order words, the screen has no buttons to click – the interface is transparent. The film itself is the clickable object. Accordingly, linear control and logic disappear. The third element is teh fact that the narrative is structured around a circular system in which everything repeats itself. So it has no ending. The film continues forever in its circular universe.

The Story :
They change their lives – you change the film
Frida and Simon are in relationship, but something has changed where they must make a decision. Can they live without each other or will they fight for intimacy. They find themselves wishing for change, yet that wish stands in the way of their wish to hold on to the past. Everything seems like a moment... without an ending. The user is caught in this moment and through his choices he encompasses their confusing condition, uniquely determining the users own film experience.

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