© Jocool, 1995


• Script and Direction : Joseph Lefèvre

• Image : Joseph Lefevre

• Sound Track : Roland Bréard

• Programming :
Joseph Lefevre (Macromedia Director)

Jocool, 1995
Web site : www.sat.qc.ca/jocool

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TRACES / CONTRATES is an art CD-ROM published on a commission edition basis.



The visit unfolds according to an itinerary based on a subway map. Different stations placed along colored lines provide access to territories that evoke the symbolism of the places and lives of which they are a part.

red line is called reflections in reference to the critiques, commentaries and questions that are raised by the chosen texts one encounters on this line. The green line, called sensations, corresponds to the senses of touch, sight, hearing and smell. The blue line is that of experience, of life and its daily pressures — work, arguments, dishes — an interactive plunge into the ordinary. The yellow line evokes the different perceptions we have of things in life. It is a matter of taste and opinions. The purple line is a techno sound environment, which the user can manipulate and change. Here one can listen and…maybe dance?



Joseph Lefèvre, multimedia artist

Multimedia artist Joseph Lefèvre specializes in the production of digital artworks, media and interactive installations.

Amid his projects, Télénoia, was part of a telematic art performance at GRAM in Montreal (1992), Le café de l’Abattoir was presented at ACM SIGGRAPH’90 Art Show (1990) and Il Pleut sur le Temple at the exhibition Images du Futur, art and new technologies (1987).

Among Lefèvre’s installation Traces et Contrastes was included in the ISEA’95 Symposium in Monrteal. L'initiation, its last web installation was part of the electronic art projects of the Biennale de Montréal 2000 and has also won the special jury award of Möbius Québec-Canada 2000.

The artist has produced INTERACTIVE ART CD-Roms and web sites for the Festival de la nouvelle danse and the Festival du cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal, as well as for the new technologies organizations, SAT - Société des arts technologiques and ISEA - Inter Society for the Electronic Arts.



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