La collection Tom Drahos Média

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Photographer, film maker and plastician, originary from Czechoslovakia, Tom Drahos revisits masterpieces from 19th century litterature through seven CDROMS reflecting a totally contemporary universe. For each one, Drahos invents a world of myhtological, symbolic, social and personnal references.

Dubref session 1

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This spoken word video compilation on CD-ROM is made of 10 different audio performances accompagnied with 4 video clips, coming from both french and english sides of Montreal’s upcoming spoken word scene. • Performances by: Marie-Hélène Poitras/Yannick Duguay, Anthony Bansfield, Jean-Marc Massie, Catherine Kidd, Le Seba, Julie Mahfood, Yannick B. Gélinas, Neale McDevitt, Ian Lauzon/Patrick Read more »

Mysteries and desire

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[lang_fr] Aux frontières de l’autobiographie, du document historique et de la fiction, cette oeuvre interactive présente une diversité de matériel audiovisuel sur l’écrivain chicano et texan John Rechy, et de façon plus large, sur la culture à la fois chicano et gay.. [/lang_fr] [lang_en] Challenging the borders between autobiography, memory, history and fiction, this interactive Read more »

Histoire de la femme aux grosses mains

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A woman wakes up one morning with a physical anomaly : her hands become hypersensitive, to a point where she can ‘read’ and feel the world by touching objects. Science and medecine help her to adapt to her new senses. Her hands starts to grow, she becomes the Women With Huge Hands. This CD-ROM comes Read more »


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This literary and illustrated work will take you in the heart of Dominique Noblet’s life, which involves love stories, job interviews, and a mundane social life. Through multi-layered dialogues filled with contradictions, we discover the ambiguity and the power games involved in social interaction. AUTHORS • Text : Francois Coulon • Illustrations : Hélène Moreau Read more »

Les quatres saisons picaresques

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Leaving. The ultimate word around which Clara builds her own universe in this animated CD-ROM. Inspired by the iconography of the road movie genre, this interactive fiction leads us through four seasons of feelings, poetry and adventure with Clara as a travelling character. AUTHORS • Creation: Camille Lavoie • Music: Dominique Hamel • Programming: François Read more »