Exposition sauvage

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Exposition Sauvage (Wild Exhibition) is an exhibition of images focusing on the thematic of “tools”, inspired by a definition in the 1976 Encylopædia Universalis. During the visit, you will discover twelve multimedia images the same way passersby and strollers had the chance to discover them when the works were previously exhibited in the streets of Read more »

Dialogue de sourds

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How do the current means of communication change social behavior and modify our relationship with the world ? Dialogues de Sourds (Dialogue of the deaf) proposes a fictional view of communication based on the well-known fact that a living language is constantly changing. The viewer becomes the link between a conversation and 30 interactive spaces Read more »

In my Gash

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Exploring the insides of a disturbed and disturbing girl raises memories to be played out on the surfaces of her organs. The sounds of suicide cycle endlessly in the black hole of despair that is found at her centre. AUTHORS • Script and Direction: Linda Dement • Production Director: Jane Castle • Art Director : Read more »

Voyage avec l’ange

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Journey with the Angel is a interactive fiction mingling poetry and humour, visual delirium and symbolic tradition, musical and vocal creations. It’s in the company of Angel Gabriel, main character of this strange and enthralling adventure that we make the journey through imaginary universes populated by mythical beings. AUTHORS • Script and Direction : Tamara Read more »

Dakar Web

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During February 1999, ISEA offered web creation workshops to Dakar artists, in order to produce multimedia african web fictions. Five art projects were created with twenty professionnal artists working in the various fields of the visual arts, sound and literature. Realized at the Metissacana, the first cyber cafe in Western Africa, DAKAR WEB was directed Read more »