Montreal, november 9th 2011 – As part of the Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen series, l’Agence TOPO presents an evening of audiovisual performances with the artists Jhave (Montreal), Simon Dumas et Érick D’Orion (Quebec) and web works by the collective Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (Seoul, New York), Friday november 25th at 8pm at the Cinémathèque québécoise.

Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen is a series that presents hypermedia works that incorporate a performative aspect and which explore the links between the screen and the off-screen

Agence TOPO is a Montreal-based artist-run centre dedicated to the production, dissemination and distribution of independent multimedia works that explore new narratives and interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings. For this fourth edition of Spoken Screen, Agence TOPO partners with the Cinémathèque québécoise.

Salle Norman-McLaren, Cinémathèque québécoise
335, boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Montréal
Admission : 8$

Program, Friday november 25th, 8 pm :



>>>> Dakota (5:56)

>>>> Cunnilingus in North Korea (6:17)

>>>> Samsung means to come (4:12)

>>>> Bust down the doors (6:50)

Typographic and audio animations (English-French)

Since 1999, the Korean-American YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES artist group has created digital animation projects for the internet. Their works are thoroughly constructed, minimalist “textual scores” which combine rhythm, text and jazz. By deliberately omitting illustrative effects they confront the viewer with an incisive narration. Their creations Dakota, Cunnilingus in North Korea, Samsung means to come and Bust down the doors will be presented in two units
Duration of unit 1 : 12 min 13 sec.
Duration of unit 2 : 11 min 2 sec.

JHAVE (with the collaboration of AvdK)

>>>> Glia Glial

Bilingual (English-French) digital poetry performance.

The digital poet Jhave has been creating online works which combine graphic media arts and literature for over fifteen years. His first website Nomad Lingo (1999-2000) garnered international recognition and became an instant classic of Canadian web art. He has participated in many collaborations, notably with the Toronto-based collective Year01, with Agence TOPO, or as part of the Concordia University OBX lab. His creations mix poetic creation, combinatory literature, media critique and an affectionate mockery of the relationship between humans and software.
Duration : 20 min


>>>> Fade Out

Poetry and media performance (French)

Simon Duma’s performance uses both writing and video to explore the theme of persistence which occurs when a phenomenon leaves traces after its disappearance.

Created by: Simon Dumas (text, video, direction), Érick d’Orion (soundtrack), Marc Doucet (video programming) with Andrée A. Michaud, Joanie Lehoux and Nicole Brossard (voice). Production: Rhizome (Québec).
Duration : 15 min


>>>> Une beauté baroque

Poetry and media performance (French)

In this work Érick d’Orion uses sampling and audio processing to evoke the passion for an inaccessible woman who haunts the eponymous novel by Claude Gauvreau.

Created by: Erick D’Orion (audio), Marc Doucet et Simon Dumas (video programming) with Christian Lapointe (voice). Production: Rhizome, Québec.
Duration : 15 min

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