Installation in TOPO’s Window Display
5445 de Gaspé Ave., Ground floor, suite 107-B
October 12 to Novembre 18, 2017
Opening on Thursday Octobre 12, 5 PM

From October 12 to November 18, 2017, TOPO  presents the installation Close Far Away by the artist Daniel IreguiClose Far Away is an installation that uses the fog in the room as the canvas to turn projected light into a physical object. A grid made of black vynile is installed on the window of la vitrine, and projection is mapped to each line. With the slow movement of the projections and the movement of the fog, the vanishing point where the light comes from appears to be very far. Viewers are not able to calibrate their sense of distance because the Vitrine does not allow them to look on the side.With time the projections change, creating new random patterns, and with the random movement of the fog as it come out of the tube, the shape appears to be different all the time. Getting more complex of more simple, the light trapped between the grid and the projection might appear like colour acrylic hanged from the ceiling.


Where : TOPO’s Window Display / 5445 de Gaspé Ave. / Ground floor

Quand : October 12 to November 18, 2017

Opening : Thursday October 12 at 5 PM / Ground floor 107-B


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