On Friday March 4, 2011 at the Cinémathèque québécoise, TOPO presented an evening of audiovisual performances with interdisciplinary artist Manon De Pauw and the Audiotopie collective.

View two video excerpts of the performances.
Manon De Pauw : Récit-collage, la matière ordinaire from Hermes TOPO on Vimeo.
Manon De Pauw : Récit-collage, la matière ordinaire
Audiotopie : Bêta-cité from Hermes TOPO on Vimeo.
Audiotopie : Bêta-cité
Récit-collage : la matière ordinaire
Manon de Pauw in collaboration with Pierre-Marc Ouelette
Audiotopie in collaboration with Éric Anglade

Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen is a series that presents hypermedia works that incorporate a performative aspect and which explore the links between the screen and the off-screen

Program – Friday, March 4th, 20 h:

Manon De Pauw
>>>> Récit-collage : la matière ordinaire [Ordinary Matter]

From the studio to the cosmos and vice versa. This video performance explores the twists and turns of the creative process, and the aesthetics of light. The artist performs live manipulations of images, texts, and lighting devices to create a poetic narrative, a meditative and luminescent composition. With the participation of dancer Pierre-Marc Ouellette.
Length: 30 min.Manon De Pauw works with video, installation, photography and performance. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and events in Canada, Europe and Latin America. In addition to individual video performances, she has performed in Là où je vis of choreographer Danièle Desnoyers (Le carré des lombes), on tour since 2008. She teaches at the Photography Department of Concordia University.
>>>> Bêta-cité

Urban exploration and Musical Improvisation
Bêta-cité is an audiovisual & interactive mapping project on the Web created by the Audiotopie cooperative in collaboration with Agence TOPO. The website makes it possible to create audio guided urban walking tours which the user can design and try out in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Saint-Laurent boroughs in Montreal. Bêta-cité provides a space for interpretation, discovery, experimentation and composition on the internet based on a walking itinerary. Audiotopie members will use the website to perform a musical improvisation with several hands.
With the participation of video artist Éric Anglade.
Length : 30 min.Founded in 2008, Audiotopie is a cooperative of artists (Yannick Guéguen, Edith Normandeau, Etienne Legast et David Martin) crossing new media, landscape architecture and electroacoustic music. Audiotopie persues his thoughts through the creation of experiential tools for urban projects, including audio guided tours. Audiotopie designs downloadable audiovisual guided tours for agencies, municipalities and companies wishing to introduce or to emphasise a territory, make public the atmospheres of a neighbourhood, or creating new urban experiences and engage in discussions on urban space.
http://www.audiotopie.orgBêta-cité was developed as part of the pilot project Cartographies variables by the City of Montreal, who presents digital artwork developed in cultural mediation workshops.

Agence TOPO is a Montreal-based artist-run centre dedicated to the production, dissemination and distribution of independent multimedia works that explore new narratives and interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings. For this third edition of Spoken Screen, Agence TOPO partners with the Cinémathèque québécoise.

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