Discussions enthousiastes lors de l’Assemblée générale annuelle

Agence TOPO held its Annual General Assembly Friday, August 27, 2010. On this occasion, members and invited observers had the opportunity to express their views about the future of the organization and the broad guidelines that will guide its actions for the months and years to come. After enthusiastic discussions, another meeting was convened on September 13 to engage quickly the organism in further structuring actions.

Agence TOPO appuie PI2 et la Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel

Two new groups are working to strengthen the cultural life in the Mile-End, at Montreal, the Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel and Regroupement des créateurs du Secteur Saint-Viateur Est, designated by an abbreviation which says a lot about the needs of spaces and creative workshops: PI2 (pied carré). As an active member of both groups, the Agence TOPO, a center for new media artists, has used his skills to give them a visibility through the Internet.

PARTIE DE PÊCHE – Faites bonne pêche et partagez vos poissons !

From the 1st April 2010, l'Agence TOPO and DIAGONALE invite you to a Fishing Trip! http://www.agencetopo.qc.ca/partiedepeche SEASON'S OPENING : 1st April 2010 Old fabrics initially destined for trash transformed into digital fish!

Présentation de Public Address System, de Zahra Poonawala

The French artist Zahra Poonawala presented on August 25th 2009, the web project Public Address System, which is part of the body of works of Géoweb, under the direction of Sylvie Parent. Like other projects of this series, this work explores the concept of geolocalization, in this case by presenting systems of public speakers from all around the world. The project was presented as part of the Annual General Assembly of the Agency Topo.

En ligne sur notre site web : extraits vidéos de Sortir de l’écran

This season with TOPO was certainly marqued by the night of poetic performances at Sala Rossa with Diane Labrosse, Sébastien Cliche, the Lombardo Sisters, e-poet David Jhave Johnson, Mineminemine trio - Magali Babin, Éric Létourneau et Alexandre St-Onge - and Istvan Kantor accompanied by his Red Arm Band. For those who missed this lively happening, we have put on-line short video-clips of the performances in the Presentation section of our web site.

Agence TOPO : 10 ans de présence sur le web!

Agence TOPO launches a publication to underline 10 years of presence on the Internet and experimentation with the narrative and interactive potential of this medium. Through eight collective works highlighting different disciplines, processes and technological strategies, the author Sylvie Parent evokes this decade that has seen web art and related technologies emerge. This publication is distributed for free within the visual and media arts network in Canada and abroad to celebrate Agence TOPO's presence and promote some of its productions. You might have received it, unless you can download it as a PDF file.