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As part of Art Pop 2009, Agence TOPO presents101 Song Scores, a performative and poetic infiltration initiative by the artists Sheena Hoszko & Michelle Lacombe.

101 Song Scores is a project which addresses the subjective ways of relating to song lyrics and their meaning. The artists compiled a database of song “scores” (text-based performance directions) culled from the lyrics of western popular music of the last 50 years. In collaboration with Agence Topo, these informations are available online to propose a long series of shared moments of action. With an emphasis on waiting, the 101 Song Scoresweb page highlights the integral relationship between an action and its duration. Have fun, perform!

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Plus d’info :
En 2008-2009, l’Agence TOPO réalise avec le collectif de vidéastes Makila un cycle de création, d’exploration multimédia et de diffusion autour de la Kalavera Deliciosa, un dérivé audiovisuel du cadavre exquis des surréalistes. Une Kalavera est une série de 13 clips vidéos de 30 secondes créés en continuité des 5 dernières secondes du clip précédent. Le résultat en est une oeuvre linéaire en expansion constante utilisant comme modèle d’écriture de collaboration, la fragmentation.
Après quelques Kalavera réalisées par le collectif, l’Agence TOPO s’est associée à Makila pour l’organisation d’une dizaine d’ateliers en audio-visuel et multimédia, avec le soutien de l’Institut national de l’image et du son [INIS], et la production de soirées de diffusion à la Société des arts technologiques. Le collectif est maintenant réuni en coopérative de travail et de création. Voici
Creation : Makila
Coproduction and web design: Agence TOPO (fall 2008 – winter 2009)

  • Société des arts technologiques (SAT), novembre 2008
  • Société des arts technologiques (SAT), mars 2009

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«VÉVÉ» –
Generative and interactive
Words are but amalgams of letters. It is the relationship between words that gives them life and meaning. In this project, visitors contribute to the creation of dialogical entities called vévés, taking a conversation based on the simple exchange of words. From this dialogue, the vévés learn, become more complex and evolve. They seem to be animated by their own will.
This project launched at the International Festival of Litterature Blue Metropolis (Montréal) in May 2008 is resulting from Sofian Audry’s artist residency at Agence TOPO.
Creation : Sofian Audry
Audio : Alexandre Quessy
Coproduction : Agence TOPO (fall 2007 – spring 2008)
International Festival of Literature Blue Metropolis, May 2008, Montréal
Olympic Games of the French Speaking Countries, September 2009, Beyrouth

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« Verano » (« summer ») was started by Isabelle Bernier in 2005 during a residency in Mexico at the multimedia center of the Centro national de las artes. She ended the work with the support of Agence TOPO that host her in residency. The launch took place at the gallery Powerhouse / La Centrale in March 2007.
Creation : Isabelle Bernier
Coproduction : Agence TOPO (fall 2005 – winter 2006)

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Detours: Poetics of the City invites you to explore the streets of Montreal through a series of reworked city transit maps, using photos, video, audio, drama, poetry and iconography to explore personal engagements with the city. The detour happens as a break from routine, an unexpected trip through the spaces of stories and small observations that are strewn across the everyday landscape. [+]
Taien Ng-Chan, Donna Akrey, Lance Blomgren, Gordon Neil Allen, Adrian Gorea, Emilie O’Brien, Samuel Thulin
Agence TOPO
Multimédia director: Vincent Archambault
Coordination: Marc Fournel
Production: Agence TOPO, 2011