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CD / book about human encounters and enchantment

Published in 2003 in CD / book, “Danser-dormir” A.. Strid has been shown in projection-conference in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Issy les Moulineaux, Aix en Provence, Toulouse, Gardanne …

In “Danser” characters cookies tell myths behavior: dancing and fighting, they end up breaking every time – they were changing the species starting over. In “dormir”, sleep three fingers in the water under the eye of a black cow, how to be human, scoured by the elements, enchanted by the world’s perception, or awakened by a cop, prey, chase or poor.

“An Exploration of the human. Drift. Links between poetic acts that exist in this world that are called real. In exploring, we will expand the boundaries of this place. A whisper in our ear. A caress of look at a rose. Cookies characters – are not porcelain dolls – fall to pieces. Fingers sleep in water, with drops as the only drum. We will clarify things better. To see clearly. ”

-Nicolas Tardy

Collection Point on the i
Impact Publishing
Marseille 2003

This kit contains:

* An interactive CD of poetry – lasts 40 minutes
* A book of poetry – 32 pages: “Sleeping outside inside”

Suitable for Mac and PC
Minimum configuration:
QuickTime Player 5
Minimum memory 128 MB RAM or better 256 MB
Minimum System:
Mac: Power PC 400 MHz – Mac OS 9 and higher
PC: Pentium 700 MHz – Window 98 and higher

Price: $ 35 (individual) $ 65 (institution)
Including postage in Canada

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Two new groups are working to strengthen the cultural life in the Mile-End, at Montreal, the Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel and Regroupement des créateurs du Secteur Saint-Viateur Est, designated by an abbreviation which says a lot about the needs of spaces and creative workshops: PI2 (pied carré). As an active member of both groups, the Agence TOPO, a center for new media artists, has used his skills to give them a visibility through the Internet. Read more »

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Switching is a different type of film that paves the way for new storytelling methods. Switching was specially developed for DVD video. The fascination with interactive expression basically originates in its potential to depict a more fragmented form of reality. The user of this film enters a narrative labyrinth simultaneously unfolding and disrupting the story. A film is now something you can change by touching it. Film has become “pliable”.

There are three element that explain why Switching departs form the linear form. The first is that the film can be changed at any time. Consequently, the user can jump back and forth in time and location. The second is the fact that interface and content are not divided; in order words, the screen has no buttons to click – the interface is transparent. The film itself is the clickable object. Accordingly, linear control and logic disappear. The third element is teh fact that the narrative is structured around a circular system in which everything repeats itself. So it has no ending. The film continues forever in its circular universe.

Switching est produit par Oncotype. Financé par et en collaboration avec le Danish Film Institute, avec le soutien du Fonds de développement du ministère de la Culture, le programme MEDIA de l’Union européenne et de la DFI Film Workshop.

Distribution: FILM SF A / S

Acteurs :
Laura Drasbæk, Rasmus Botoft, Johan Widerberg, Kaya Brüel, Lærke Winther Andersen, Tonny Landy, Henrik Prip, Nicole Wolf, Lasse Jørgensen

Directeur: Morten Schjødt
Manuscrit: Schjødt Morten, Rasmus Arrildt
Compositeur: Antonio Tublén
Photographe: Arrildt Rasmus, DFF
Producteur: Filip von Spreckelsen
Editeur: Hansen Tvede Bettina
Design sonore: Jens cautionnement
Mastering audio: Michaelsen Henry
Mastering du DVD: Mattias Bodlund
Directeur artistique: Westermann Morten
Maison de production: Oncotype

Prix de vente (individus): 35 $ CAN
Incluant les frais de poste au Canada

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This title has some print and interactive CD allows the reader to access a website and to achieve their 15 minutes of Humanity. Following a residency conducted at the center AXENÉO7 in 2002, the artist Sylvie Tourangeau had met thirty people invited to share their concept of humanity.

Vidéo interactive //

Sylvie Tourangeau

Alessandra Di Noto

c _projectsinge / lowave EDV 1394, 2007
site web :

Langue : FR/EN
Format : DVD Vidéo PAL 5
Zone : toute
audio : 5.1

Prix de vente (individus): 30 $ CAN
Incluant les frais de poste au Canada

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The French artist Zahra Poonawala presented on August 25th 2009, the web project Public Address System, which is part of the body of works of Géoweb, under the direction of Sylvie Parent. Like other projects of this series, this work explores the concept of geolocalization, in this case by presenting systems of public speakers from all around the world. The project was presented as part of the Annual General Assembly of the Agency Topo. Read more »