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Male or Female (MorF), is the eagerly anticipated project from legendary Belgian producers Daniel Bressanuti and Patrick Codenys of electronica pioneers Front 242, with musician/vocalist Elko Blijweert. MorF worked with innovative label (US/Canada) and DVD production leader The Pavement (UK), along with an international team of visual artists to produce the “primitive reflections twisted from sound” DVD+CD.

Video and audio clips around the character of Pixelan and the participation of artists such as Etienne Auger, Rod Chong, Nicolas Kadima. This interactive DVD tries to reproduce the phenomenon of mixing with the use of the functions of random reading of the video tracks.

• Réalisation et scénario : Brian Liew
• Artistes visuels : Étienne Auger, Rod Chong, Nicolas Kadima, William Morrison, Casey Ringley
• Musique : Male or Female (Daniel Bressanutti, Patrick Codenys et Elko Blijweert)

PRODUCTION et The Pavement, 2004 – UK, Canada
• Site web :
Producteurs exécutifs : Bryan Liew et Kristen O’Sullivan

• Langue : EN
• Format : DVD Vidéo NTSC, compatible avec PAL + CD-audio
• Zones : toutes
• Audio : 5.1 et 2.0
• Film : 180 minutes (DVD)
– 16 videos en index Play
– 26 videos en mode interactif

Prix de vente pour les individus : 30,00 $ CAN
incluant les frais de poste au Canada

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Agence TOPO launches a publication to underline 10 years of presence on the Internet and experimentation with the narrative and interactive potential of this medium. Through eight collective works highlighting different disciplines, processes and technological strategies, the author Sylvie Parent evokes this decade that has seen web art and related technologies emerge. This publication is distributed for free within the visual and media arts network in Canada and abroad to celebrate Agence TOPO’s presence and promote some of its productions. You might have received it, unless you can download it as a PDF file. Read more »

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Suite à la parution de Mordre suivi de Parenthèse aux Éditions Planète rebelle en 2000, Agence Topo continue de suivre le travail de la vidéaste, poète et artiste des nouvelles technologies Yannick B. Gélinas. Ce titre se compose d’un recueil de poésie et d’une court-métrage. Avec l’amour du verbe et la sensualité en trame de fond, l’artiste nous fait partager sa passion de la vie tout en scandant un appel à la conscience par le geste d’une écriture vibrante. Une poésie exaltée qui raconte l’histoire d’une femme-utopie nommée Liberté.

Le DVD renferme également des poèmes audio interprétés par l’auteure, ainsi que des scènes et des entrevues supplémentaires tournées pour le projet.


o Texte et réalisation : Yannick B. Gélinas

o Musique : Marcelle Deschêne

o Voix : Suzanne Clément


Yannick B. Gélinas, 2006

Version interactive :

Fiction poétique, vidéo, couleur, 25 minutes

Fiction poétique, livre, 104 pages

Version originale française


Éditions Planète rebelle, 2006

ISBN: 2-92258-58-8

Prix de vente : 30,00 $ CAN

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The POST-AUDIO_DVD project is a compilation of audiovisual projects created by Montreal-based artists. It is a testimony to a bourgeoning practice that combines sound and moving images. Though this is in no way an exhaustive presentation, it does, however propose a panorama by presenting a variety of artistic approaches that bear the singular stamp of their creators.

Production : Agence TOPO
• Artistic Director: Gennaro De Pasquale
• Project Director: Michel Lefebvre
• Authoring: Guy Asselin
• Texts: Bernard Schütze
• Print Design: Sébastien Cliche

• Daniel Olson
• Gennaro De Pasquale
• Jean-Sébastien Roux
• Pascal Grandmaison
• Jérôme Minière
• Gabriel Coutu-Dumont
• Marc Leclair

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The photographers’ collective, FOVEA, is a group of 20 Montreal artists/photographers who operate jointly a collective workspace, darkroom and exhibition room.

Founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization, Fovea had evolved from the Atelier VOX, a collective created in 1985 by the founding members of Vox Populi and having produced, over the years, various photographic exhibits in Montreal and abroad.

Fovea’s continuing mission to exhibit photography in public spaces began in 1995 with a series of photographic street posters shown in Montreal (Mois de la Photo 1995 and 1997) and in Scotland (Fotofeis 1997).

The autumn 2001, Fovea presented Villeneneuve Tour. Highlighted within Montréal’s Mois de la Photo 2001, thirteen artists invested the shops and environment of the Villeneuve Street neighbourhood, in Montréal, with photographic images and installations.

In January and February 2002, work from Fovea appeared in the interior showcases at the gallery of the Moser Arts Gallery, University of St-Francis, in Joliet, Illinois.

During two years (2003-2005), Fovea developed the project So close / Tout près, exhibited in Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) and Montréal.

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This DVD proposes a cinematographic approach combining the contemplative gaze we traditionnally fix upon a painting or a photographic still, with the dynamic responsive way we view movies. This ghostly gathering of mutable figures is the first feature-lenght picture by John Oswald, the infamous perpetrator of Plunderphonics. Includes a bonus multilingual soundtrack CD.

• Director : John Oswald
• Photography : John Oswald
• Scout : Julie Galibois
• Graphist : John Oswald and Émile Morin
• Video edition : David Michaud

• Instigator : Émile Morin
• Coordinators : Claudine Moquin et Marie-FranceThérien
• Producer : Avatar 2003

OHM éditions, Avatar, 2004