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Leaving. The ultimate word around which Clara builds her own universe in this animated CD-ROM. Inspired by the iconography of the road movie genre, this interactive fiction leads us through four seasons of feelings, poetry and adventure with Clara as a travelling character.

• Creation: Camille Lavoie

• Music: Dominique Hamel

• Programming: François Hill


Camille Lavoie, 2002

French original version only • Macintosh™

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Based on Pat O’Neill’s 35 mmm film, this interactive fiction is an archeological exploration of the Hotel Ambassador in Los Angeles, a vintage building now in ruins. Visitors wander through the abandoned rooms encountering cultural traces of historical traumas and personal dramas that occured in the hotel.

• Concept Design: Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A. Kang, Marsha Kinder, Pat O’Neill
• Interface design: Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A. Kang
• Digital compositing & graphic design: Kristy H.A. Kang• Programming: Rosemary Comella
• Executive producer: Marsha Kinder

The Labyrinth Project
Annenburg Center for Communication, University of South California, 2002

Original english version for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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At the turn of the century was born an experimental theater troup called Momentum. Here are their best moments through 16 short movies taken from archives of their shows of their first decade (1990-2000) presented on DVD.

• Directors : Brigitte Breault, Stéphane Choquette, Sophie Cloutier, Luc Dansereau, Karine, Etcheverry, Isabelle Hayeur, JF Messier, Eza Paventi, Suzanne Turgeon, Stéphanie-Anne Weber Biron
• Editing : Suzanne Turgeon, Guillaume Fortin
• Music : Dr Mess, Stéphane Claude, Michel F. Côté, Mac Dessaules, Extasium
• Graphic Design : Bruit de fond
• Illustration : Clyde Henry Productions

• Project leaders : Kim McKraw, Stéphane Choquette
• Co-producer : Pierre-Étienne Lessard, Stéphane Choquette

Original french version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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The project involved over 90 interviews with Canadian and international digital artists and media theorists thinking out loud about their work and its implications. The DVD-ROM features artists who work digitally in image and/or sound, or using sensors in installations, as well as in the realm of robotics. In the ELECTRICANADA section, Canadian artists comment on living and working inCanada. Also included are 3 Mediaprobe art pieces.


• Creative Direction, Programming and Navigation:

James K-M

• Content Development, Interviews and Writing:

Carol Sill


Produced by Carol Sill and James K-M, with assistance from Telefilm Canada and BC Film. The ELECTRICANADA section, is coproduced with the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Original English version for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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An interactive journey guided by intuition – a game of perception and experimentation. Nine realms shaped by imagination, chance and encounters with André Breton, Alberto Giacometti, Paul-Émile Borduas, Joan Mitchell and many others. An exploration of art in the 20th Century. An intimate look at the unconfined and grandiose approach of Jean-Paul Riopelle. Salut, Riopelle! is also an encyclopedia including a remarkable biography, a catalogue of 500 works, and texts by recognized authors, such as Paul Auster, Georges Duthuit, Pierre Schneider and Gilles Vigneault.

• Script, direction : Sophie Malouin
• Artistic direction : Benoît Giguère
• Biography : Robert Bernier
• English Narration : Valerie Buhagiar
• French Narration : Anne-Marie Cadieux

Producer : Michel Jolicoeur
Tram Design Multimedia

ISBN : 2-9807664-0-2

Original French and English version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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Phony is an interactive CD-ROM which explores the history and culture of the telephone in order to reflect on contemporary communications technologies. Based on a multisite public art exhibition by the author, Phony explores an ensemble of typical telephone situations on a dramatic mode.

• Creation : Susan Schluppli

• Technical assistants : Dana Dansereau, Tess Takahashi

• Photography : Don Gill, Frank Welder

• Video actress : Adriana Kulper

• Voice over : Patrick mahon

Susan Schuppli / Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2002

Original English Version for Macintosh™ and Windows™
ISBN 1-894699-16-5