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Liquid medias. The computer uses generative processes, based on random, which recalls Mallarmé’s Coup de dés, to the quantas’ theory and “chance operations” of Cage. PHARES GAMMA is a self generated work, infinite by nature, where words, images and sounds are posted together.

• Creation: Jacques Donguy

• Images / sound / texts: Jacques Donguy

• Programmation and music: Guillaume Loizillon

Poetic exploration, french and multilingual
produced with the support of DICREAM (France)

• Macintosh™

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An application to explore Michael Snow’s work, as well as an educational and didactic tool, allowing you to discover the works of one of the most significant artists in contemporary art and cinema of the past 50 years. A data base with 4,800 entries and records for more than 700 documented works.


• Direction : Michael Snow

• Research Direction: Peggy Gale

• Multimedia Direction: Jean-Christiphe Yacono

• Art Direction and Design: Éric Dubois

• Music : Dominique Hamel


• Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology (FDL) + Époxy Communications, 2002

• Producter : Jean Gagnon (FDL)

with support from Téléfilm Canada, Canada Arts Council and Heritage Canada


Éditions du Centre Georges Pompidou

Collection Anarchive, no. 2

Director of the collection : Anne-Marie Duguet

ISBN : 0968469310

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In the midst on a baroque city that endlessly liquidates, follow TOPO Agency’s investigation in LIQUIDATION – a random photo-novel. Pursue a detective’s steps, meet businessmen from the Corp, forgery artists, a variety star, a professor and a poet…powered by a random storytelling engine, this multimedia fiction includes over 1800 photographies and 4 hours of original music and dialogues with twenty interpreters.

• Script and Direction : Michel Lefebvre, Eva Quintas
• Text : Michel Lefebvre
• Photography : Eva Quintas
• Music :Papa Boa, Martin Tétreault, Choeur Mrutra Mertsi
• Software PRoman :
Alain Bergeron – Les produits logiques LopLop inc.

Productions Sous le manteau, 2001
Original French version — Macintosh™ and Windows™
English sub-titled version — Macintosh™ and Windows™
ISBN – 2-9806579-1-3

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Sexy photographs make good cocktail-party bitching in Cocktails & Appetizers. Max, a photographer, spends a day taking photos of Jesse. An homage to lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 50s, Cocktails is an interactive narrative about women looking at women, taking a risk, and falling in love.

• Script, direction, editing, creation: Michelle Citron
• Cinematography: Scott Edelstein
• Film Art Direction: Irene Gustafson, Julia Zay
• Interactive Producer: James Ferolo, Mythryn
• Special Effects: Michael Boccieri
• Music: Matthew Henning

Michelle Citron, 2001

Original English Version for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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This CD-ROM offers no less than 40 minutes of full screen videos, gathered from El Tractor’s live show : domUSticks IDEOTRONs. In a live context, El Tractor (Boris Firquet, David Michaud and Fabrice Montal) improvises and constantly manipulates sounds and images in order to regenerate their works in ever changing results.

• Music and video : Boris Firquet, David Michaud and Fabrice Montal (El Tractor)

La Bande vidéo and Le Nom de la Chose

OHM éditions / Avatar

Original english version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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This multimedia documentary CD-ROM traces the global history of the photocopy artform since the invention of the medium at the end of the 1940’s until now. Copigraphy contains 1298 visual documents from 85 artistes of 18 countries and 801 text documents : historical facts, artist’s statements, reviews and critiques, etc.

• Concept : Alain Bergeron

• Research, images and text : Monique Brunet-Weinmann

• Sound track : Philippe Bézy, Martin Peach

• Original software: Alain Bergeron, LopLop

Les produits logiques LopLop inc, 2001
French / English — Macintosh™ / Windows™
ISBN- 2-922894-00-2

Price : 70 $CAN