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This CD-ROM offers no less than 40 minutes of full screen videos, gathered from El Tractor’s live show : domUSticks IDEOTRONs. In a live context, El Tractor (Boris Firquet, David Michaud and Fabrice Montal) improvises and constantly manipulates sounds and images in order to regenerate their works in ever changing results.

• Music and video : Boris Firquet, David Michaud and Fabrice Montal (El Tractor)

La Bande vidéo and Le Nom de la Chose

OHM éditions / Avatar

Original english version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™

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This multimedia documentary CD-ROM traces the global history of the photocopy artform since the invention of the medium at the end of the 1940’s until now. Copigraphy contains 1298 visual documents from 85 artistes of 18 countries and 801 text documents : historical facts, artist’s statements, reviews and critiques, etc.

• Concept : Alain Bergeron

• Research, images and text : Monique Brunet-Weinmann

• Sound track : Philippe Bézy, Martin Peach

• Original software: Alain Bergeron, LopLop

Les produits logiques LopLop inc, 2001
French / English — Macintosh™ / Windows™
ISBN- 2-922894-00-2

Price : 70 $CAN

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A unique document in the history of holography, this first interactive encyclopedia is exclusively devoted to Holographic Art and the internationally reknowned artists who took over the scientific technique to express themselves in their own original creative ways.

• Research, concept and production : Georges Dyens
• Texts and commentaries : Georges Dyens
• Programming and design : Philippe Roberge
• Scanning and Editing of Still and Video Images : Martin Pelletier

MGD Productions and GRAM, Montreal, 2002

• Macintosh™ and Windows™ Versions

Price – individuals : 31 $ CAN

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In an ironic and cynical tone, Loîc Connanski proposes a new audio and video performance in which an atrocious singer wearing a striped shirt stands in a juke-box where he sings a list of 52 one-liners for which the user can choose 4 different musical backgrounds. As Connanski states : “At last, retarded artists finally have access to multimedia.

• Concept and direction :
Loic Connanski

• Production team :
La Famà, O. Talouarn, C. Bouder, D.Dronet

Station Mir et Culture Commune / Scène nationale
Collection No(w)here , 2001

French version only for Macintosh™ and Windows™

Price : 65 $ CAN

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The collected poems Les Murs des planètes open doors to a universe where words collide into powerful and troubling images. The cd rom La Cathédrale aveugle drives the reader into a visual and auditory aesthetic experience inspired by the book’s poems.

• Texts, artwork and animation
Ollivier Dyens

• Music
La Compagnie musicale La Nef

Ollivier Dyens, 2001
Original French Version/ Macintosh™ and Windows™


VLB Éditeur ,2001
ISBN 2-89005-802-6

Sales price: 25 $ CAN

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The Mongolian Suite is a poetic journey in an imaginary Mongolia. We cross the desert, we climb the mountains, we carry stones, we walk on our knees as in prayer and words are cut with a knife.

• Original idea: D. Kimm
• Multimedia adaptation: Joseph Lefèvre and D. Kimm
• Text : D. Kimm
• Image: D. Kimm, René Donais, Chuck Samuels
• Music : Bernard Falaise, Maryse Poulin, Alexandre St-Onge, Nicolas Letarte, Malcom Goldstein, Marcelle Hudon
• Programming : Joseph Lefèvre

D. Kimm, 2001
French/English — Macintosh™ and Windows™ versions

Éditions Planète rebelle, 2001
ISBN 2-922528-24-3

Price : 25 $ CAN