E-poetry Generative and interactive
» http://www.agencetopo.qc.ca/veve/

«VÉVÉ» – http://veve.sofianaudry.com
Generative and interactive
Words are but amalgams of letters. It is the relationship between words that gives them life and meaning. In this project, visitors contribute to the creation of dialogical entities called vévés, taking a conversation based on the simple exchange of words. From this dialogue, the vévés learn, become more complex and evolve. They seem to be animated by their own will.
This project launched at the International Festival of Litterature Blue Metropolis (Montréal) in May 2008 is resulting from Sofian Audry’s artist residency at Agence TOPO.
Creation : Sofian Audry
Audio : Alexandre Quessy
Coproduction : Agence TOPO (fall 2007 – spring 2008)
International Festival of Literature Blue Metropolis, May 2008, Montréal
Olympic Games of the French Speaking Countries, September 2009, Beyrouth