© Zoe Beloff, 1997
(New York, USA)


Réalisation, images et programmation : Zoe Beloff

Zoe Beloff, 1997

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"Beyond" is an interactive work which allows the viewer to explore a kind of mental geography, in which they find themselves traveling through time and space encountering my virtual alter-ego who, as a medium, that "interface" between the living and the dead, transmits "movies" that record her impressions. It is, in the words of Baudelaire, "a city full of dreams where ghosts accost the passers-by in broad daylight".


Beyond est un mystérieux monde virtuel qui explore dans une quête ludique et philosophique les paradoxes de la technologie, du désir et de la paranormalité depuis les débuts de l'ère de reproduction mécanique : le phonographe captant la voix du corps, la photographie capturant l'âme et le cinéma ressuscitant le mort.

"Beyond" operates in a playful spirit of philosophical inquiry exploring
the paradoxes of technology, desire and the paranormal posed since the
birth of mechanical reproduction. From around 1850 to 1940, there was an almost magical element in the way people saw these developments, an issue I feel important to bring to light as we enter the digital realm.

I am interested in letting the past breath through fragments of old films and photographs often found at flea markets. My QuickTime movies are made "live" without digital manipulation, by re photographing film and text with the Web Cam. Just as the earliest film makers struggled to find a new visual language through the newly developed technology of cinema, here I aim to invent in a personal way, a new articulation of space and time that both grows out of cinema yet goes beyond it.


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