© Yannick B. Gélinas, 2000


Script and Direction : Yannick B. Gélinas
Text and Image :Yannick B. Gélinas
Sound Track : WetFish (Sandro Forte, James Duhamel)
Programming : Yannick B. Gélinas (Director 8.0)

Yannick B. Gélinas, 2000
Web site : http://www.yannou.com/poesie.html

Original French version - Windows™ only

Éditions Planète rebelle, 2000
ISBN 2-922528-13-8


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Parenthesis can be viewed privately on an individual monitor, the production deploys its full potential when viewed as an installation within a public context.

Parenthesis has been presented in 1999 at the Studio Noir et blanc of the Université du Québec à Montréal.


A journey through a living diary made up of video portraits and poetic texts through which the author reveals herself directly and unmasked. At once thought and scream, the CD-ROM PARENTHESE can only come to life through the user’s’ active exploration of images, words and sounds. PARENTHESE contains hidden words and interactive poetic games. It is up to you to discover them.

Parenthesis is a journey in to a living personal diary. The global impression will be a feeling of calm, but also a deep thought to be part of the world.

Parenthesis is a interactive documentary poem on CD-ROM and a multimedia installation on two projections screens and a touch screen.

Yannick B. Gélinas

Yannick B. Gélinas is a poet and new media artist. Her inner philosophy to size the moment is the main theme of her work. Passionate by contemporary dance and poetry, she created video and multimedia pieces about it.


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