Civilities is a modular, collective fiction that brings together some ten Montreal artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds who offer diverse perspectives on “living together.” The invited artists explore potential spaces of confidence, reconciliation and the cohabitation of persons, peoples and religions. From the rules of religious fundamentalisms to the movements of anonymous Read more »


VILANOVA is a multimedia creation following the photographic event Villeneuve Tour, by the collective of artists/photographers Fovea, presented during Le Mois de la Photo in Montreal, in September 2001. Villeneuve Tour proposed a series of thirteen artistic interventions in several small shops and outdoor spaces of the Villeneuve neighbourhood, situated at the confluence of the Read more »


5 photographes and 5 witers created 5 new web fictions. In each of the projects created for FiXions, the guest artists managed to rise to the challenge of cooperation by producing works made up of agreements and differences between text and images, transcending the exclusive fields of literature and photography. Presentation : – PassArt, Rouyn Read more »