TOPO s’exp(l)ose ! / Breaking through the Window

Campagne de sociofinancement / Crowdfunding campaign

Agence TOPO is launching its first crowdfunding campaign TOPO s’exp(l)ose ! (Breaking through the Window) – to raise funds for a new window display that will allow the centre to present innovative media arts installations using interaction technologies.

Follow the construction history of this window display by reading our outstanding photonovel!

This project represents an important turning point for this artist-run centre, founded in 1993, which now occupies a brand new space in the cultural hub on de Gaspé, in Montreal, where it hosts over 200 000 square feet of artist studios, cultural organisations and several major artist-run centres.

The installation and the programmation of this innovative window display represents a major investment for the center and this is why Agence TOPO is seeking support from the community. The contributions will serve to cover the cost of the artistic programming as well as the purchase of projection, lighting and interactive equipments such as movement detectors and touch screen technologies. The objective of this first crowdfunding campaign is only $ 5 000 of a global campaign objective of $ 10 000. Our inaugural program will front-line the artists Hugo Nadeau, Steve Heimbecker and Audrey-Maude McDuff. A contribution from any of you would represent a very significant support for Agence TOPO.

To thank you for your generous contributions, Agence TOPO offers you an exciting list of gifts. The closing of our campaign is June 13th !



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Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron

Thanks to our contributors : 

Irène Mayer
Alain Chagnon
Sylvain Monfette
Élène Tremblay
Yves Avalo
Marilyn Burgess
Sylvie Fortin
Natalie McNeil
Janet Chapman
Nadia Duguay
Lucie L’Allemand
Eliane Ellbogen
Gabrielle Desbiens
Redouane Benmokthar
Clara Bonnes
Emanuel Klaesi
Jean-Christiphe Yacono
Christine Martel
Denyse Clermont
Mathieu Leblanc
Lorraine Beaulieu
Renée Lavaillante
Michel de Noncourt
Samuel Thulin
Sylvie Lefebvre
Marie Trudel
Mélanie Wagenhoffer
Marie-Pierre Labrie
Line Dezainde
Chloé Poirier-Sauvé
Philippe Jean
Érika Nimis
Diane Jeannotte
Nicole Boutin

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