From left to right: Michel Jolicoeur, Myriam Benzacour-Durand, Julien-Robert Legault-Salvail, Gabriel Galvis, Ghassan Fayad, Eva Quintas et Marie-Ève Jolicoeur

PresidentLouis‑Richard TremblayProducer, Interactive studio, National Film Board of Canada
Vice-president and secretaryEva QuintasArtist and consultant in cultural development
TreasurerMichel JolicoeurPresident, Tram Media
AdministratorMyriam Benzacour-DurandCoordinator, Café l'Exil
AdministratorJulien-Robert Legault-SalvailIndependent artist
Video Phase
AdministratorMarie Eve BerlingerConsultant in discoverability and audience development at BeGoodMTL
AdministratorGabriel GalvisIT project Manager at FTQ