It is under the theme of fluidity that TOPO envisionned the series of exhibitions, in gallery and online, which animated its season of activities from the fall of 2021 to the fall of 2023.

In an age of heightened variability, the notion of fluidity will initiate abundant and open ideas about the impermanence of harmonies.

Fluidity is that which flows easily, without resistance, but also that which is difficult to grasp, to define. Fluidity designates the smooth running of a course, its "limpidity"; it becomes reassuring because it is predictable and controlled, "flowing from source". But everything that appears to be stable is mere appearance, for stability is subject to continuous flows of dynamic interactions from every corner.

The concept of fluidity has been employed by various disciplines (physics, sociology, economics, etc.) and most often embodies contrasting paradoxes. The Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman has extensively explored the corollary concept of “liquidity” to describe our lives and our cities caught in ceaseless flows of speed, perpetual change and motion. Although this fluidity is a threat to social structures, it is also an opportunity, because it is synonymous with flexibility. Fluid life bends out of shape to adapt to its environment, it constantly recomposes its networks, it is open to the outside...

Past events

Sympoïetic Reverie | Isabella Salas

  • September 16 - October 28 2023

N-h9 | Sandrine Deumier

  • April 7 - May 19 2023

Selfgen | Marion Schneider

  • november 17 - december 22 2022

AGROTEXTE is 40 years old

  • Birthday performance

L’Arpenteur | Bleu Diode

  • September 9 - October 29 2022

Selfgen | Marion Schneider

  • Online digital artwork