4 November 2008

Agence TOPO launches a publication to underline 10 years of presence on the Internet and experimentation with the narrative and interactive potential of this medium. Through eight collective works highlighting different disciplines, processes and technological strategies, the author Sylvie Parent evokes this decade that has seen web art and related technologies emerge. This publication is distributed for free within the visual and media arts network in Canada and abroad to celebrate Agence TOPO’s presence and promote some of its productions. You might have received it, unless you can download it as a PDF file.

In November 2008 will be the start of a new creation cycle with the collective of videomakers MAKILA – www.makila.tv – in collaboration with the Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS). The inaugural event will take place at the SAT on Sunday, November 23, 2008, at 8 p.m. And on Thursday February 5, 2009, during the pre-opening night of the spoken word festival Voix d’Amériques, in Montreal, TOPO will present a series of performances combining literature and new media. The program will feature a provocative Canadian performer, new music and e-poetry artists using technology to integrate video, sound, and text in both narrative and non-narrative contexts, all for a new edition of Sortir de l’écran/Spoken Screen.

Thank you for your support
The coming years appear to be even more hectic in terms of multimedia developments and TOPO intends to continue supporting the interactive expression of independent and innovative proposals. Becoming a member is a real proof of support. You can also buy from our Electronic Showcase ! In the coming weeks, new multimedia titles, among them several video DVDs. Come back for a visit.