11 May 2010

Two new groups are working to strengthen the cultural life in the Mile-End, at Montreal, the Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel and Regroupement des créateurs du Secteur Saint-Viateur Est, designated by an abbreviation which says a lot about the needs of spaces and creative workshops: PI2 (pied carré). As an active member of both groups, the Agence TOPO, a center for new media artists, has used his skills to give them a visibility through the Internet.

Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel

La Coalition pour le Bain Saint-Michel (CBSM) aims to preserve the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the Bain St-Michel located at 5300, Saint-Dominique street. Furthermore, the Coalition intends to protect and sustain the Bain St-Michel as a site-specific dissemination and experimentation for the interdisciplinary arts. The CBSM includes artists, artist collectives and organizations who explored different avenues for dissemination of interdisciplinary practices, emerging practices and experimental practices. The Coalition wants the Bain St-Michel to be used to publicize the works of many artists, that it becomes not the place of a single company, and remains open and accessible to the community.

PI2 – Regroupement des créateurs du Secteur Saint-Viateur Est

PI2 is a group of artists and creators who proposes to act for the maintenance, the preservation and the enhancement of creative spaces in the Saint-Viateur East neighbourhood, at Montreal. PI2 wishes to participate in the protection and development of a lighthouse district, a district laboratory in which creation is to honor and preserve the art and imagination as fundamental values of a society.