© Labyrinth Project / Annenberg Center

Based on Norman Klein’s book, History of Forgetting, this interactive narrative combines a database detective story with a digital city symphony and a metanarrative reflection on interactive storytelling in this new medium. Set in a three-mile radius near downtown Los Angeles, the DVD-ROM explores several locations that helped shape the city’s cultural history. Includes a book, which contains a novella by cultural historian Norman Klein and essays on the production.

• Creation : Rosemary Comella and Andreas Kratky with Norman M. Klein
• Original concept: Jeffrey Shaw
• Interface design: Rosemary Comella, Andreas Kratky
• Programming: Andreas Kratky

• Executive producer : Marsha Kinder
• Production managers: Juri Hwang, Liang-Yin Kuo, Tania Trepanier

• A co-production of The Labyrinth Project and the Center for Art and Media ZKM. Annenburg Center for Communication, University of South California, 2003

Original english version, DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™