A. Strid

CD / book about human encounters and enchantment

Published in 2003 in CD / book, “Danser-dormir” A.. Strid has been shown in projection-conference in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Issy les Moulineaux, Aix en Provence, Toulouse, Gardanne …

In “Danser” characters cookies tell myths behavior: dancing and fighting, they end up breaking every time – they were changing the species starting over. In “dormir”, sleep three fingers in the water under the eye of a black cow, how to be human, scoured by the elements, enchanted by the world’s perception, or awakened by a cop, prey, chase or poor.

“An Exploration of the human. Drift. Links between poetic acts that exist in this world that are called real. In exploring, we will expand the boundaries of this place. A whisper in our ear. A caress of look at a rose. Cookies characters – are not porcelain dolls – fall to pieces. Fingers sleep in water, with drops as the only drum. We will clarify things better. To see clearly. ”

-Nicolas Tardy

Collection Point on the i
Impact Publishing
Marseille 2003

This kit contains:

* An interactive CD of poetry – lasts 40 minutes
* A book of poetry – 32 pages: “Sleeping outside inside”

Suitable for Mac and PC
Minimum configuration:
QuickTime Player 5
Minimum memory 128 MB RAM or better 256 MB
Minimum System:
Mac: Power PC 400 MHz – Mac OS 9 and higher
PC: Pentium 700 MHz – Window 98 and higher

Price: $ 35 (individual) $ 65 (institution)
Including postage in Canada