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An application to explore Michael Snow’s work, as well as an educational and didactic tool, allowing you to discover the works of one of the most significant artists in contemporary art and cinema of the past 50 years. A data base with 4,800 entries and records for more than 700 documented works.


• Direction : Michael Snow

• Research Direction: Peggy Gale

• Multimedia Direction: Jean-Christiphe Yacono

• Art Direction and Design: Éric Dubois

• Music : Dominique Hamel


• Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology (FDL) + Époxy Communications, 2002

• Producter : Jean Gagnon (FDL)

with support from Téléfilm Canada, Canada Arts Council and Heritage Canada


Éditions du Centre Georges Pompidou

Collection Anarchive, no. 2

Director of the collection : Anne-Marie Duguet

ISBN : 0968469310