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For the eighth consecutive year, TOPO offered a training and coaching program in multiplatform production. This bootcamp aims to support the development of creative projects by providing a context for exchange and learning with a variety of specialists in the field of digital project design, development and production. The bootcamp has scheduled four Saturdays of professional meetings and three hours of mentoring with any of the invited individuals.

The 2023 edition of the bootcamp was held in person, in TOPO's studio, but the organization remained open to the participation of two virtual artists in order to make the training accessible outside Montreal. The program included a variety of meetings and collaborative workshops with a range of specialists in interactive creation, including several new people. Topics covered included immersive storytelling, children's literature, augmented reality, scripting narrative projects, marketing, creation and production methodologies, virtual reality, documentary pathways, interactive installation, etc.

The pre-meeting happy hour on Wednesday, February 1 featured an in situ experimentation of an original live creation device, with Alfonso Hernandez, from the Atypic Lab studio. The bootcamp welcomed a few key people from recent years, including Diego Bricenno, Stéphanie Lagueux, Marc Roberge, Isabelle Gagné, as well as new recruits, including author Lora Boisvert, from Applit Editions, Guillaume Lamothe, from biscornus, who proposed a new interactive poster concept, and Johann Baron-Lanteigne, an artist deeply immersed in virtual creation and the speculative universe around NFT. The organization also highlighted the participation of a few bootcamp alumni, including Martine Asselin and Annick Daigneault, creators of experiences for virtual reality since 2016, and Jean-Sébastien Veilleux, a photographic artist engaged in the realization of installations and in situ paths.


→ Dates: A pre-meeting 5 à 7 on Wednesday, February 1 and then on Saturdays, February 4, 11, 18 and March 11, 2023.
→ Duration: 25 hours + 3 mentorship hours
→ Location: 5445 de Gaspé, Montreal, space 608
→ Cost: $125


Detailed program

Wednesday, February 1 - 5 to 7 pm

Preparatory meeting of the bootcamp artists at TOPO

→ Summary presentation of each artist and their projects + live video creation experience with a webcam and Bluetooth controller device created Alfonso Hernandez (Atypic Labs). It will be possible to attend this meeting online, on demand and without the possibility to interact and play with the device.


Saturday, February 4 - 9:30 am to 5 pm

Brainstorming and collaborative exchange sessions

With Diego Briceno, director and interactive designer.
With Stéphanie Lagueux, digital artist, mediator and cultural worker (at Ada X).

Experience sharing - Youth publishing and augmented reality

With Lora Boisvert, author, editor and teacher in digital creation.
→ Presentation of AppLit Editions (Children's literature and augmented reality) and their achievements: Bandits des mers - Le message secret de la buse.


Saturday, February 11 - from 9:30 am to 5 pm

Creating digital experiences in events, museology and entertainment

With Alfonso Hernandez, interactive designer and entrepreneur (Atypic Labs)
→ Imagine the interactive experience and implement it through different strategies and technologies. This is what Atypic Labs does through a variety of projects.

Interactive scripting and direction

With Marc Roberge, screenwriter, storyteller and director in interactive creation.
→ Overview of 25 years of experience in teaching and interactive creation, including the Tentaconte project, an immersive storytelling experience under a dome.

Experience sharing - In situ photographic tours and augmented reality

With Jean-Sébastien Veilleux, photographer and digital artist.
→ Presentation of some engaged art photographic projects incorporating an interactive media dimension:
- Augmented reality photographic tour in web AR - Sur les traces des créatures de grève
- Photo installation, poetry and video mapping - Passerelles
- AR experience installed at the naval part of the Musée maritime du Québec in l'Islet, ESPACEment


Saturday February 18th - from 9:30 am to 5 pm

Co-creative processes of ideation and production in virtual reality

With Martine Asselin / Annick Daigneault
→ Martine Asselin and Annick Daigneault form the collective Les pieds en haut and produce virtual reality experiences to raise awareness about the reality of autism. Their most recent project, LOU, has been available for broadcast since fall 2022. With TOPO, in 2017-2018, they led a collaborative virtual reality project with twenty youth with autism.

Methodology: structuring your content for an interactive production

With Isabelle Gagné (Miss Pixels) - Digital artist and graphic designer
→ Founder of the Mobile Art Movement with artist Sven, now grouped together in the Bleu Diode collective, she was recently producing the website, with the support of TOPO. She has worked on several interactive publishing projects, notably with TOPO, the artist Sven, the writer Ugo Monticone, Le Laboratoire NT2, etc.

Experience sharing - New interactive poster concept

With Guillaume Lamothe
→ Les éditions Biscornus, a publishing startup located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, is launching a new concept of interactive poster. A door that opens to the discovery of our artists, in the digital age. The presentation will focus on this experience and will address the issues of discoverability through alternative means to the dominant platforms.


Saturday, March 11 - 1 pm to 5 pm

Final Pitch Session


Dates : February and march 2023

Lieu : TOPO [5445 de Gaspé, MTL, space 608]

Duration : 25 h + 3 mentorship hours

Price : 125 $

Level : Artists

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