Aude Guivarc'h

Écosystème Alpha

For this new window display exhibition, TOPO brings nature back to the forefront with the interactive installation Ecosystème Alpha, by Aude Guivarc'h, which allows visitors to interact and play with the balance of nature. With a simple wave of the hand, the public can create climatic disturbances that shatter the tranquillity of a virtual mountain environment. Will you take the risk of destroying an entire ecosystem? And what about in your everyday life? This installation is part of the new 2024-2026 programming cycle, whose works are grouped under the themes of nostalgia, ecology and simulacra.

Écosystème Alpha is an interactive sculpture portraying a fictitious landscape, meticulously crafted by the artist to resemble a natural ecosystem. Through video mapping technology, viewers witness the dynamic representation of natural phenomena such as water cycles, wind patterns, erosion, and seasonal changes, breathing life into the mountainous terrain.

However, this immersive experience is reactive to its visitors : any physical disturbance, whether by touch or proximity, triggers a destructive effect on the environment within the artwork. This response manifests as localized damage proportional to the extent of the disruption, prolonging the regeneration process as the installation repairs itself.

But beware: actions that are deemed deliberate or prolonged disturbances will be triggering a point of no return : an irreversible environmental mass destruction. In such cases, the ecosystem must reset, and begin again its long and patient work of creation. The interactive aspect of the installation aims to raise visitors' awareness of the impact they have on their ecosystem, both individually and as a society.

This installation is a "sample of an ecosystem". It is an allegory of the state of our planet and the impact humans have on its health. The name of the work refers to the expression "there is no Planet B".


Thursday, May 2nd, from 5 pm to 7 pm

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Exhibition in showcase
The Showcase is located on the ground floor of 5445, de Gaspé, in front of security.

May 2 - June 22 2024

monday to saturday, 12 am to 5 pm

Aude Guivarc'h

Aude is a French-Canadian Media Artist, Digital Artist and Director based in Montreal. She fuses her passions for nature, music, and science to shape immersive physical and digital experiences.
Drawing inspiration from fractals and natural forces, she explores humanity's connection to nature through an eco-feminist, queer, and socially engaged lens.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, Aude's art intertwines circular economy principles, recycling, and reutilization. Her extensive skills in motion design, art direction, and industrial design fuels her hybrid creative process, blending digital prowess with physical artistry.

She explores diverse mediums in her personal art practice, like 3D printing, mural paintings, motion design and interactive installations. Her artworks have been captivating audiences through several exhibitions and events like SXSW, Mutek, Osheaga and Polaris Music Prize.

Her professional journey as a Creative & Multimedia Director for shows and concerts boasts collaborations with industry giants like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Madonna, Muse and Ed Sheeran.

Aude's pursuits extend beyond pixels. As a traveler, surfer, snowboarder, and climber, she draws from her global escapades to infuse her creations with both wonder and environmental consciousness.

Aude's artistic evolution, from her academic foundation in sciences and design to her dynamic multimedia career, has cultivated a narrative that transcends mediums. Her art captivates, questions, and connects, weaving a story where creativity and conscience converge.