Workshop 360 video capture & postproduction – Waël Chanab – November 10th and 11th, 2018

 360 video capture and postproduction


On November 10th and 11th, TOPO offers a 15 hour workshop on creation with 360 video capture and postproduction in collaboration with the studio Imagine 360. This two day workshop will be given by Waël Chanab, cofounder of the studio and president of the Montreal division of the VR AR Association (VRARA).

Duration : 
15 hours

Wednesday, November 7 / 6 pm – 20 h 30 (Information meeting, free)
Saturday, November 10 / 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, November 11 / 10 am – 5 pm

Cost :
75 $ / weekend

Mandatory registration (limited to 10 people)
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Wednesday, Novembre 7th
6pm – 8:30pm (free)

Information meeting about the fall workshops on 360 video capture and virtual reality

– Presentation des formateurs et du programme des ateliers
– Project viewing
– On-site registration and snacks

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of November

10 am – 5 pm (75 $/person)


This outline will serve as a working template for the course. Teaching style will be a lot more interactive and hands on. Depending on the interest of the students, certain aspects of the course will be delved into more.

  1. Exploratory
    – Introducing the medium
    – Experiencing content: Live action, animation, real-time rendering.
  2. Theoretical
    – Storytelling & pre-production in VR
    – Technology: cameras, headsets
    – Shooting & production in VR
    – Stitching & post-production
    – Editing
    – Post-processing effects, and color grading
    – Sound, ambisonic audio
    – Delivery channels
  3. Practical
    – Brainstorming a scenario
    – Location scouting
    – Shooting
    – Stitching
    – Editing
    – Color correction and effects
    – Exporting, encoding
    – Loading onto headsets and playback


The trainer


Waël Chanab
President and cofounder of Imagine 360

Waël Chanab is the cofounder and president of the organization.
He also presides the Montreal division of the VR AR Association.









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