Pat Badani, Chicago-based artist, just ends a two-month residence at Agence TOPO where she developed her interactive installation make-A-move that is presented at the event Art Souterrain, February 28 – March 15, 2015.



make-A-move is an interactive, video installation composed of two encased screens conceived for exhibition in public space. Two animated portraits – a female and a male – react to the movements of passersby and express passivity, suspicion, surprise, or fear. make-A-move invites members of the public to a game of cause and effect. The artist playfully engages questions about mutual scrutiny and also points to the psychological, personal and collective cost of electronic surveillance mechanisms that track our data and traffic. make-A-move was conceived and developed by Pat Badani during a residency at Agence TOPO, Montreal, with the support of Patrice Coulombe and Paul Gascou-Vaillancourt.

Based in Chicago, Pat Badani is an internationally recognized artist who specializes in interdisciplinary artistic creation and interactive digital practice. Recipient of numerous grants and awards, she is also active as critical researcher, educator, editor and curator. Her practice is both conceptual and contextual and has been the subject of numerous critical essays in museum catalogs; anthologies; and journals of artistic research, science and new technologies.