Isabella Salas

Sympoietic reverie

A troubled summer comes to an end, and for TOPO, a cycle. As the autumn season approaches, a reminder of the inevitable change of seasons, TOPO closes its Fluidité thematic cycle with a timely work. With Sympoietic Reverie, Isabella Salas guides our imagination between fragile ecosystems and ephemeral urban landscapes. On view in our window display at 5445 de Gaspé from Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Sympoietic Reverie is a multimedia installation exploring contrasts and connections through the intricate interplay of artificiality and nature's decline in urban settings.

Seamlessly weaving together visual abstraction, this installation casts a discerning eye on the relentless expansion of concrete jungles, revealing the delicate disruption of nature in progress.

Venturing beyond borders, Salas explores distant ecologies, bridging the chasm between what was and what might be. This visual journey encourages contemplation on the potential for symbiotic coexistence between urban aspirations and the preservation of nature's intrinsic beauty. As pixels dance, this piece beckons you to ponder the evolving tapestry of nature and the possibility of restoring equilibrium to the complex canvas of urban environments.

Sympoiesis: Unveiling the Concept

At the heart of Isabella Salas' creation lies the profound concept of "Sympoiesis." Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the interconnectivity inherent in ecosystems, Salas crafts a visual canvas that resonates deeply with contemporary discourse on sustainability, collaboration, and coexistence. Sympoiesis, as eloquently described by philosopher Donna Haraway, refers to a process of mutual creation, where entities come together to shape the emergence of new forms and harmonies. In the context of this installation, the term takes on a metaphorical dimension, inviting visitors to reflect on the symbiotic relationships that shape not only our surroundings but also our collective imagination.

Exhibition in showcase
The Showcase is located on the ground floor of 5445, de Gaspé, in front of security.

September 16 - October 28

24 hours a day from mondays at 10 am to fridays at 5 pm


September 16 - 2pm to 5pm

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Photo credit: Richmond Lam

Isabella Salas

Isabella Salas [she/her] is an interdisciplinary artist, creative director and producer who adopted artificial intelligence in 2020 as her main creative medium to create digital art and immersive experiences.

Recognized for questioning the use and bias of technology, identity, perception, and environmental practices through the use of ancient and new technologies, Isabella was nominated in 2022 for the first CIFO-Ars Electronica Award, which honours artists of Latin-American origin.
Co-founder of the International Digital Arts Alliance, a non-profit organisation that advocates for equal, open, and horizontal representation of digital artists worldwide, she also takes part as a jury member to the digital forum Composite held in Montreal since 2015.

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