Emma-Kate Guimond

Performative installation

January 17 – February 23, 2019

Opening : January 24, 2019. 5 pm – 7 pm

Performances : January 19, 3 pm & February 15, 5 pm

TOPO’s showcase
5445, avenue de Gaspé, rez-de-chaussée, espace 107-B
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From January 17 to February 23, 2019, TOPO’s Vitrine will showcase You, a performative installation by interdisciplinary artist Emma-Kate Guimond, who will use the space to address the viewer through live and video performance.

You is a short story that develops over the course of four acts. Exploring the Vitrine’s multidimensional and two-dimensional qualities, the artist combines photographic with virtual imagery and decor to render the space into a habitat for the protagonist.

As of January 17, Act 1 will exhibit an on-going staging of minimal decor. On January 19, Act 2 will entail the live video shoot of a movement-based performance. Then beginning January 22, Act 3 involves a much needed existential conversation with a virtual plant who acts as the protagonist’s confidante. To conclude the cycle, the artist will present Act 4 on February 15 at 5pm, a performance entitled The Thickness.

As explained by the artist, “You is a ballet (fiction+dance) about you – played by me. The script is written in the second person. You get up. You lay down. It’s efficient. Without metaphor, the scenario is only drive. You evolves through shifting tensions between dimension and flatness, there and not-there. We confide and crave, tongue-tied.”




 [Acte 1] – As of Thursday January 17th
Begins in an empty room.

[Acte 2] – Saturday January 19th, 3 pm
A live video “dance” shoot. You get to watch.

[Acte 3] – Tuesday, January 22nd
A much needed existential conversation.

[Acte 4] – Friday, February 15th, 5 pm
A live performance : The Thickness

 A meeting with the artist will be held Thursday, January 24th at 5pm, in front of TOPO’s Vitrine,
5445 de Gaspé avenue, space 107-B, ground floor.

Emma-Kate Guimond

Emma-Kate Guimond is an Edmonton-born, Montreal-based artist. Moving nonchalantly between performance, video, and drawing, her approach is embodied. Her work examines different modes of performativity, ranging from unaware, to banal, to brutalist, to expressionistic, to spectacular and to dramatic. Emma-Kate Guimond has a BFA in Contemporary Dance (Concordia, 2012) and an MA in Visual and Media Arts (UQAM 2017). She has presented performances at Visualeyez Festival (Edmonton, 2013), Mountain Standard Time (Calgary, 2014, 2018), FADO Emerging artist series (Toronto, 2014), Performancy Forum (Brooklyn, 2015) as well as the RIPA (Montreal, 2016). From 2009-2017 she worked with the collective WIVES, with whom she presented Feeled at the OFFTA in 2016 and Action Movie at Théâtre La Chapelle in 2017. Most recently she presented Attabler at the Agora de la Danse, a collaboration with la Deuxième Porte à Gauche.