© Michel Lefebvre, Eva Quintas / Productions Sous le manteau

In the midst on a baroque city that endlessly liquidates, follow TOPO Agency’s investigation in LIQUIDATION – a random photo-novel. Pursue a detective’s steps, meet businessmen from the Corp, forgery artists, a variety star, a professor and a poet…powered by a random storytelling engine, this multimedia fiction includes over 1800 photographies and 4 hours of original music and dialogues with twenty interpreters.

• Script and Direction : Michel Lefebvre, Eva Quintas
• Text : Michel Lefebvre
• Photography : Eva Quintas
• Music :Papa Boa, Martin Tétreault, Choeur Mrutra Mertsi
• Software PRoman :
Alain Bergeron – Les produits logiques LopLop inc.

Productions Sous le manteau, 2001
Original French version — Macintosh™ and Windows™
English sub-titled version — Macintosh™ and Windows™
ISBN – 2-9806579-1-3