© Momentum

At the turn of the century was born an experimental theater troup called Momentum. Here are their best moments through 16 short movies taken from archives of their shows of their first decade (1990-2000) presented on DVD.

• Directors : Brigitte Breault, Stéphane Choquette, Sophie Cloutier, Luc Dansereau, Karine, Etcheverry, Isabelle Hayeur, JF Messier, Eza Paventi, Suzanne Turgeon, Stéphanie-Anne Weber Biron
• Editing : Suzanne Turgeon, Guillaume Fortin
• Music : Dr Mess, Stéphane Claude, Michel F. Côté, Mac Dessaules, Extasium
• Graphic Design : Bruit de fond
• Illustration : Clyde Henry Productions

• Project leaders : Kim McKraw, Stéphane Choquette
• Co-producer : Pierre-Étienne Lessard, Stéphane Choquette

Original french version
DVD for Macintosh™ and Windows™