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A hypermedia tale of three fictional women — Bita, Mina and Goli — who experienced the 1979 Iranian Revolution through an exilic journey into memory and history. It combines storytelling, documentary narration, visual arts, performance and visual poetry in a highly creative and cohesively converged environment. In English and Farsi.

• Writing, Direction and Production : Gita Hashemi

• Image:
Bita Javan (art director), Alina Martiros, Iraj Rahmani, Gita Hashemi (videographers), Gita Hashemi, Bita Javan (production artists)

• Sound Track :
Gary Atkins (music composer and producer), Scott Kennedy (narration and soundscape)

• Programming : Don Sinclair

© Exisle Creation, Gita Hashemi
Web site : http://www.postexile.net/gita/shifting

English/Farsi version — Macintosh ™ and Windows™
ISBN 7 76127 13392 0

Price : 40$ CAN