© Karen O'Rourke

Paris Network assembles photographs, sound samples, animations and texts to form a composite, layered image of the city, combining digitized traces of physical places and people with information garnered from individual and collective memory. As the map turns around in a spiral movement, you seem to move in, from one zone to another, toward the subject, but as you get closer, you begin to lose your bearings. In each zone, you explore the city differently. Four entrances, four ways of looking, four structural devices. You will always have, even as you move around, a fragmentary view, evoking a vast, more complete “hors-champ”, which always seems out of reach. You enter as if you were breaking in.

• Concept and Direction : Karen O’Rourke
• Text, image and sound : Karen O’Rourke
• Programming : Samuel Milliet (Arkéon), Yves Cothouit

© Karen O’Rourke, 2000
with support from the CNRS program “Archives of Creation“, UMR 8592 “Aesthetics of Contemporary Arts “

Les Editions du CERAP
Centre d’Études et de Recherches en Arts Plastiques
Université de Paris 1
ISBN : 2-950659-4-2-X

French/English version
Macintosh™ and Windows™

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