30 March 2010

From the 1st April 2010, l’Agence TOPO and DIAGONALE invite you to a Fishing Trip!

SEASON’S OPENING : 1st April 2010

Old fabrics initially destined for trash transformed into digital fish!

DIAGONALE, an artist-run centre specialized in fibre art, held in 2009 several fish-making workshops with artists and workers from the Fashion Plaza, a landmark of Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood textile industry. Hundreds of fish made of recycled fabric scraps gathered from the textile shops that are still in business were then distributed on April 1st, the inaugural date of April fools fishing season.

canne_basseHori250gThis year, Agence TOPO is partnering with DIAGONALE in this initiative by adding a media dimension to the project. Eight of these handmade fish have been digitized and animated for the Web, thus allowing everyone to catch a web fish and send it to their friends with a message of their own! And as part of the Mois de la Fibre et du Textile, 2010 edition, over 400 fishes will be distributed at the entrance of the Métro Mont-Royal.

Agence TOPO is an artist-run centre for new media whose mandate is to produce, disseminate and distribute multimedia works which explore new narratives and interdisciplinary and intercultural intersections.

DIAGONALE promotes and disseminates contemporary art using fibres. Initially, the organization came out of a textile art association which gradually expanded to other practices.