© Agence TOPO + G. De Pasquale, D. Olson, P. Grandmaison, G. Coutu-Dumont, M. Leclair

The POST-AUDIO_DVD project is a compilation of audiovisual projects created by Montreal-based artists. It is a testimony to a bourgeoning practice that combines sound and moving images. Though this is in no way an exhaustive presentation, it does, however propose a panorama by presenting a variety of artistic approaches that bear the singular stamp of their creators.

Production : Agence TOPO
• Artistic Director: Gennaro De Pasquale
• Project Director: Michel Lefebvre
• Authoring: Guy Asselin
• Texts: Bernard Schütze
• Print Design: Sébastien Cliche

• Daniel Olson
• Gennaro De Pasquale
• Jean-Sébastien Roux
• Pascal Grandmaison
• Jérôme Minière
• Gabriel Coutu-Dumont
• Marc Leclair