11 September 2009

The French artist Zahra Poonawala presented on August 25th 2009, the web project Public Address System, which is part of the body of works of Géoweb, under the direction of Sylvie Parent. Like other projects of this series, this work explores the concept of geolocalization, in this case by presenting systems of public speakers from all around the world. The project was presented as part of the Annual General Assembly of the Agency Topo.

This presentation follows an artist’s residency at the Agence Topo. Let’s recall that the artist from Strasbourg is host at Montreal for six weeks with the support of a new cross exchange program between France and Quebec, Geographies variables, an initiative of La chambre Blanche (Québec) and Incident.net (France). The first presentation was in response to the General Assembly of the Agence TOPO. The access to the website will be released at the launch of Géoweb during the current year.

090826_vincent_zahra_matthew350b PHOTOS
Zahra Poonawala along with Vincent Archambault, web designer, and Mathew Biederman, who participate at the project Géoweb with the artists Gregory Chatonsky and Cheryl Sourkes.Opposite, (L. to R.) : Cheryl Sourkes, Vincent Archambault, Michel Lefebvre, Zahra Poonawala and Sylvie Parent.
Equipe de Geoweb