© Norie Neumark

Shock in the Ear is an experimental new media art work, which evokes the moment of shock and its aftermath, as a sensual experience. Mixing music and texts, from culture shock to electric shock and reverberating beyond into shock aesthetics, it resonates with deep and abrupt physical and physical and psychic change.

• Concept, Direction and Sound : Norie Neumark
• Painting and design : Maria Miranda
• Music : Richard Vella
• Technical Producer and Programmer : Greg White
• Interface Consultant : David Bartolo

© Norie Neumark, 1998.
Developed with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission, the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Listening Room, ABC Radio Arts, and The University of Technology, Sydney are gratefully acknowledged

English Version for Macintosh™ only

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